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Delightfully Discombobulating


Last post I issued an invitation to Mother Nature and someone passed it along, because she visited us this week.  First, two days of cold, yukky rain and then last night – SNOW!

The weather forecasters were on overdrive, predicting when it would start, how much we’d get, possible power outages.  I think they must go to training classes with the same people who talk about the products for sale on QVC.  Who knew so much could be said about so little?!

Because we don’t get a lot of snow around here, we kind of lose our minds.  You have to avoid any place that resembles a grocery store.  We react to snow or ice predictions as if we were facing the Great Depression with money still in the local bank.  Several school systems let out early – though not the first flake had fallen.

No wonder someone shared this on Facebook last night.snow pic fb

It started after dark.  We were in our basement den where you can’t see anything through the windows at night.  I went upstairs for something, looked out the window and was pleasantly surprised to see a white yard.  (We have more than our share of false alarms for snow – I believe it when I see it.)  I turned on the outside lights at the deck and the snow was swirling around in the wind. snow on deck

I picked up my cell phone, took a couple of pictures and went back downstairs.  Without saying anything, I pulled the picture up and handed my husband the phone.  He looked at it a minute and then asked somewhat incredulously, “Is that our deck?”  He got up and turned on an outside light so he could see the snow falling.   There’s just something magical about it.  Then we had some snow thunder, followed by lightening.  The weather folks got it right!

This morning, it was the usual schedule for me.  As the sun began to rise over the lake, I had to take another picture.  This time of the morning is so quiet and calm.  As I drove to work, I soaked up the view as the sun rose and glazed the tree tops, the gray white snow beginning to glow with a combination of pink and orange.  This post began to write itself in my head.

snow next am

Best of all, it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day.  Coats came off and you could hear the drip, drip, drip of melting snow everywhere.  The dull overcast sky gave way to that beloved Carolina blue. snow blue sky 2

Tonight, the roads are mostly clear.  There will be some ice in the morning and I’ll trek through the grass to get the newspaper.  Our shaded driveway will be an icy slope until Sunday when the temperature will be back in the 50’s.

Then this will all be a memory.

Loving the storms


I love a good thunderstorm and we have had several of those lately.  Watching the dark clouds gather together, forming an ominous blue-gray wall…feeling the wind pick up and the temperature drop a little…it’s my signal.  As long as the lightening is not cracking directly over the house, I’m heading for the screen porch.

There’s something cathartic about being in the midst of the storm.  It’s like God reaches down and grabs all the ills of your world by the neck, shakes them, pounds them, drenches them and then sends them through the old fashioned ringer to squeeze out the last little bit of nastiness.  Booming thunder drowns out whatever stressful thoughts are rolling around in your mind.  The wind cools your skin.  Your focus becomes watching for the next bolt of lightening.  Then when it’s all over, there’s … silence.  The air smells clean.  And if the sun comes out, you just might be lucky enough to top off the whole experience with a rainbow.  Or in the case of this particular day, a double rainbow.

If you’re not afraid of thunderstorms, head for a spot where you can take advantage of the experience the next time one rolls through!

Cartoons and Rain


Last week at work was pretty bad.  I was having a very hard time finding the sunny side of anything.  I am usually good at “going with the flow,” but the flow turned into a torrent and by Friday night, it felt as if I’d been swept over the falls and put through the wash and spin cycle at the bottom.

Saturday morning, trying to resurface, I was piddling with notes and mail that had accumulated from the week and came across one of my favorite Dilbert cartoon strips.  As you can see from the color of the news print, I’ve had this awhile.  Finally, my ray of sunshine!  I enjoy reading Dilbert, even though I can’t say I always “get it,” but the connections between that workplace and mine are frighteningly close at times.  Thank goodness for humor to help get us through life.

Saturday evening about 7:30 or so it started to rain.  The temperature dropped about 15 degrees and we sat outside on the covered patio, watching and listening to the rain, just enjoying being outside.  It was a nice way to bring the day and the week to a close.