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Word Watching


My husband and I are people watchers and word watchers.   Put us in an airport and we can amuse ourselves for quite some time, simply watching the people moving around.  We both like to figure out what abbreviated license plate letters mean and we enjoy clever puns and phrasing that was meant to convey one idea, but can be read as something entirely different.

Not too long ago he asked if I had read the t-shirt on a guy we passed while walking around at a local shopping area.   I had not, so he told me what the t-shirt wording said:  “http colon splash.”  The word for the punctuation mark was spelled out.

I responded that it must stand for some kind of website.  After he complimented me on my insightful and helpful answer (he should be more appreciative, I think), he paused and then said, “The words ‘colon’ and ‘splash’ used together don’t do much for me.”

For any of you who have had a run of digestive issues or who have had the joy of preparing for a colonoscopy, you can certainly appreciate the unintended humor of the shirt.

Rather unfortunately, it also sounds like the name of a drink.  Maybe the GI docs should change the name of the prep mixture to “colon splash.”