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Portable Peace


View from Beech Mountain

Beach or mountains – do you have a favorite?  That’s a frequently asked question around here.  Living in central North Carolina means I don’t have too far a drive to either the beach (+/- 4 hours) or the mountains (+/- 2 hours).  That makes “getting away from it all” pretty easy and I’m happy to go in either direction.

I was in the Blue Ridge for a couple of days this past week with my two sisters.  As we were out and about, we discussed the merits of both locations.  We grew up going to the beach more frequently with extended family and friends around.  There was always so much to do – a necessity for kids and sometimes, adults.  Sand between your toes, the wind in your face and the hypnotic sound of waves breaking – it’s a package deal.

Not so with the mountains.  Even in the noisiness of a busy sidewalk café in Blowing Rock, there’s something inherently quiet in the shadow of those dark blue and gray hills.  When I look at a picture of the ocean, I need the rest of the package to feel like I’m there.  When I look at a picture of the mountains, I have a greater feeling of being there, even though I’m far away.  It’s that quiet, that peace and it’s portable.

The best of both worlds?  To be able to sit on the side of the mountain while looking at the ocean; Maine and Maui come to mind.

Whichever is your favorite, I hope you’ve figured out how to pack it up and take it with you.  That’s what holds us over ‘til the next time.