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Yard Art


I have a penchant for yard art and it has grown over the last few years.  Now, a little class in selection is important and it should not be overdone.  While remembering the gnomes in the movie The Full Monty still makes me laugh, I don’t want creatures peering at me from every natural area.

One of my neighbors has some cool, life size metal art in the backyard that blends in well.  I like those tools  (shovels, saws, etc.) that talented people have turned into garden animals.  And I will admit to having a plastic pink flamingo that comes out for special occasions or as needed to bring sunshine (annoy) those who have a limited sense of humor and clearly need some help.

But my favorite is this fella who I have named Trex (the husband has named it Dina).  I pass him every week.  He’s perched on the corner of the roof of a business that makes coatings for iron products.  I have no idea how long he has reigned in this spot, but I noticed him a couple of years ago.  His strong purple color pops against a beautiful blue sky.  I look for him almost every time I pass that building.

And for whatever reason, every time I see him up there, I hear the refrain from George Gershwin’s Someone To Watch over Me.

“There’s a somebody I’m longing to see
I hope that she/he turns out to be
Someone to watch over me”

If the company ever decides to get rid of him, I hope I can bring him home to my yard.  I know I can find just the right spot.