Simple and Beautiful


There are many great things about the Christmas holiday (food is a big one), but I think my favorite is the use of lights to decorate.  Take a rough little home in an otherwise unattractive area…add white or colored lights…and suddenly there’s something of beauty to behold.  Of course, some folks go over the top and then some this time of year.  While I wonder how they pay the electric bill, I do love their enthusiasm!

There’s a neighborhood in a city close by that has become well known for its Christmas balls.  There’s not much to see during the day, but at night – it’s magical!  cmas balls 4

Imagine brightly colored bubbles, suspended and stationary in the air around you.  They float anywhere from five feet off the ground to about 30 feet in the air.  You can see them from the main road before you move into the neighborhood.  Make that first turn and it’s as if you have entered another world.

It’s become such a popular Christmas activity that the neighbors set up two locations for anyone driving through to leave canned food items for the local food pantry.  This year, one of the homeowners organized a Christmas Ball Run.  Several hundred people entered and ran through the area with the proceeds going to that same local food pantry.  Now that’s a wonderful way to enjoy the holiday and provide help to people in need.

You can make your own Christmas balls without too much trouble.  You need gloves, some chicken wire, strings of lights and extension cords.  Cut the chicken wire into rectangles.  Roll it into a cylinder and fasten the seam together.  Then fold in the ends to make it more of a circle.  You may need to “massage” it a bit to get the rounded shape you want.  Then wrap your string of lights all over the ball, leaving the plug end hanging a little.  Plug that end into your extension cord.  Then, using a ladder or an extension pole, put the ball up in the tree as high as you can.  cmas balls day 1

The more you put up, the prettier the scene will be in the dark.  cmas balls 3

What is your favorite part of the holiday?  Do you make or do something special?

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas.  Thanks for reading The Sunny Side!  I hope you’ll stick with me into 2013.

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