Got Your Money’s Worth?


We were putting away laundry the other day.  As I pulled my husband’s sweatshirt out of the basket, I had to marvel at its current state of being.  I held it up and said, “I don’t know what you paid for this thing, but I think you’ve gotten your money’s worth.”  sweatshirt

In case you can’t tell from the photo, every edge is frayed.  There’s a hole in the seam at one shoulder.  There are paint and stain spots all over it.  Any elastic it had at the bottom is gone.  But if I dared to suggest it might be time for a replacement, I’ll hear:  “But that’s my favorite!”

At least it’s reserved for yard work.

This led us into a search for the next oldest, still working item in our home.  That turned out to be the GE toaster oven my husband brought into the marriage.  toaster oven

We think it is a 1984 version; it has been in his possession so long he can’t remember when he bought it.  Originally, it sported fake wood grain on both sides.  At some point, those panels started to peel, so he removed them and cleaned up the plastic underneath.  That was an improvement in the looks department.  Revived, it has continued to work without a hitch for an estimated 28 years.  And we use this thing almost every day!

But the winner in the house is my GE makeup mirror.  I remember my mother buying me this antique when I was 16 years old, after I had been instructed in the “proper” way to use cosmetics.

makeup mirror

That was 1975.  Thirty-seven years later, it still works just fine.  In fact, I replaced one light bulb last year – and that was the FIRST time I have ever had to do so.  We had to unscrew the back panel to get the bulb out and then it was a less-than-confident trip to the hardware store to find a new bulb.  I couldn’t believe we found one that was the right size and shape.  This hard worker has been to college, lived in several apartments, survived multiple house moves and continues to light up my mornings.

Hats off to GE for making some high quality products!

So – what is the oldest, continuously working item in your house – something that has not needed a fix?  Can anyone beat the 1975 mirror?  And tell us who made it – let’s give credit where credit is due.


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  1. I had a GE makeup mirror, too, for a very long time. I loved it! I can’t really think of an appliance I’ve had for a lot of years, but I still have towels we use that were my mother’s from almost thirty years ago. I can no longer read the tags.

    • I don’t know if they still make those mirrors – I’m going to have to look for one the next time I’m out shopping. I also have some of my mom’s towels. Some are a little frayed, but they still smell good! Congrats on getting your novel finished!

  2. Turns out that I’m the oldest continuous working item in this house!
    And if that is a Tar Heel sweatshirt, it’s looking a lot like this year’s basketball team!

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